August News from Min y Don
Hi everyone. It’s Josh here again with a rundown of what we have been getting up to here at Min y Don over the last month.

School & Youth Groups

We were excited that February saw the return of both primary schools and church youth groups to Min y Don. We started the month by welcoming pupils & teachers from Our Lady’s Star of the Sea primary school who came and stayed with us over the course of two weeks. The team thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck back in with instructing once again and what a great group to do it with.

We also had a visit from N-Ergize youth group who came from Leominster. Not only have we built good relationships with this group through the growing number of years that they have been visiting us, but group leaders Andy & Leanna are also former team members and good friends, so that is two very good reasons why we were pleased to have them stay with us once again.

Staff Training

Due to February half term we were able to fit in a few more opportunities to focus on furthering the teams’ qualifications and experiences. In this month alone we have seen Harry & Joe gain their Level 1 Paddlesport Coaching qualification, Briony, Hilary, Jake & Andrew passed their Level 2 Mountain Bike Leader assessment, and Steve, Zoe, Cat, Joy, Paul and Josh spent two days successfully renewing their First Aid award. Of course there has also been plenty of in house training as well to make absolutely sure that the team are kept busy!


In amongst all that training we have been able to develop the site that we use for Bushcraft, with the aim of delivering enhanced sessions. Steve is the architect of this vision and has put in the bulk of time and energy as well so must be given most of the credit, but it was great to see the whole team spend a day together pushing forward with this re-development. As you may have already seen on Facebook and Instagram, the centre piece of this change is large parachute covering an extra-large fire pit, all separated from the pathway by a woven hazel fence. Although the best way to get a sense of scale of the developments is to come have a look.

Jan & Ian Harrison

At the very start of the month the team spent two days with Jan & Ian Harrison, who very kindly spent some time leading us in worship, devotions and team building activities. A highlight of the two days was spending an afternoon completing a number of challenges in teams whilst walking over to Barmouth. Whilst this was a brilliant way for us to spend quality time with each other, it was also a great opportunity to get some 'interesting' photos which we thought might be handy to include in a newsletter!

That is all from us this month, March looks to be a busy one for us with no less than 5 school groups and 5 youth/community groups visiting us over the course of 4 weeks. We will let you know how we get on next month. But for now…

In other news:
  • Ironically Steve became mildly injured as a result of spending two days sat down at a First Aid course!
  • At a recent team meal out an unknown person changed Dave’s curry order from a mild rice dish to a Vindaloo. No-one has yet confessed!
  • We are proud to announce that Min y Don has recently adopted 45 rubber ducks as we look to develop one of our activities!
We look forward to catching up with you over soon!
From Josh, Pete & Susie
and all the team here at Min y Don