August News from Min y Don
Hi again!
The trees are changing their colours from green to golden brown and it seems like Autumn is well and truly under way. This means that leaf blowing becomes more of a thankless task as no sooner has it been done than it needs to be done again. It keeps us busy! As I look out of the window now the sun is shining but it is also raining, it looks very beautiful, but also reminds me that life is a rich and varied tapestry, fragile, prone to change in a moment, a blink of the eye. This has been a bit of our experience over the last few weeks but thankfully God is our solid rock and we keep on trusting in Him in each day. After that poetic start here is our September news!


We dusted off our Italian phrase books at the start of the month with a return to the Centre of our friends from Italy. They were glad of cooler weather and we were glad it didn’t rain too much. A couple of days after their departure we were swimming for food packages, thrashing around the foothills of Cadair, walking in the dead of night and swimming under a bunch of canoes (bunch is the technical term for more than 1 canoe!). We didn’t just fancy a week full of craziness, it was of course our BMS Action Team Training Week. There were fewer young people joinging BMS on the Action Teams this year, but it was still a great week and is always a privilege to spend time with them, pray and worship with them. I hope no future teams read this or we will have to seriously alter the next programme!

After a weekend to recover, we started to really settle back into an Autumn routine with a day visit from the local College, a week with Whitwick Primary School; finishing off with a week with The Christian Fellowship School. Each of these groups are a regular visitors to Min y Don, and it has been great to have them with us once again.

Our Team

Last month we said some 'goodbyes' and this month we are excited to say 'Hello!' to our new team members. Amelia has started a gap year, Caleb has started on our 2 year training and discipleship programme and Phil has started a part time position in the Office. Phil is of course an old friend (less of the 'old' I hear him say!). He first came here when he was 18, on the summer team, later met his wife here, moved away for a few years and they have recently moved back to the area. We are looking to forward to getting to know our new team members better and rebuilding old friendships too.

There are still vacancies on the Team and we hope to appoint one or two more over the next few months.

Youth Work and Church Involvement

After the summer break it is good to get back to our regular youth group evenings. It has started as we left it with a lot of youngsters coming along on a Friday. Last week 30 + came to each group. The Thursday lunch time club also restarted at the local High School. We held a youth service which had a good attendance and are about to start a Youth Alpha Course this coming Sunday. It is so exciting to have all these things going on and we look forward to all that we believe God is going to do in the coming weeks.

Team members are also preaching in services at Tywyn Baptist Church, getting involved with the Worship team and Technical teams, helping with Sunday morning jobs at church and with Junior church groups. We are very thankful for the love and support of our Church and that chance to be involved with so many things.

Things To Pray About...

  • For our busy team, that they will enjoy all they are doing and involved with.
  • For good relationships on the team as we get to know new team members, and learn to do life well together.
  • That God will bring along the right new team members at the right time.
  • For the Youth Alpha course – that lots will come along and that God will do amazing things.
  • That our School groups will experience God’s love in action here.
  • For financial provision for our ongoing projects – particularly the new climbing tower and bathroom renovations.

And finally…in other news:
  • Joe needs to practice his reversing skills and try not to end up in a ditch
  • Watch those roads as Jake is soon to take his driving test.
  • How are Everton doing Eton? (was it 4:0 ?)
  • Dave and Susie are keeping the coffee loving Society alive in the Min Y Don Hub
So that’s it for another month. Thank you to everyone who supports & encourages us.
From Susie & Pete
and all the team here at Min y Don