August News from Min y Don
Hi there!
What starts with a group of counsellors and ends with ‘Bongo Clive & the Rhythm Shack’? It can only be Min y Don in July! Read on and read all about it in our latest edition of the Min Y Don News.


This month began with a weekend of Christian Counsellors who have all been studying together. They ended their academic year with a Min y Don Activity weekend. They obviously are good at making wise decisions.

There were three school groups visiting to round off the term plus a weekend of one parent, one child quality bonding time as we ran another of our famous Family Ties weekends. It’s great to see memories being made during a programme that is especially designed to encourage parents and their children to work together as a team. We hope there will be lots for them to look back on and talk about as the years go on.

A new venture for us came about in a rather un-expected way this month. The youngest age-range we work with in our local youth work normally attend a summer camp run by Urban Saints. This year however the dates were changed and it meant that an alternative venture was required.

Hence the Super-Hero themed Mini Ultimate Adventure was formed and over twenty local 8 – 11 yr olds descended on Min y Don for what turned out to be a great weekend of outdoor activities, games, lots of fun and some challenging, thought-provoking talks and discussions too.


Staff Team

More Cavalry arrived this month in the form of Zoe, Matt, Caleb and Anna. Our Summer Team for 2017 is complete and we are thankful to have the extra help and energy at what is an intensive time of the year. 

It’s been good to have some extra help in The Hub (The Min Y Don Office). Thanks to Dave for doing some extra stints this month. The coffee consumption’s gone up, but it’s great to have him here with us at this time.

It’s been an exciting month for Joy Wakeling. As many of you will remember last year was extremely hard for Joy as in July she suffered serious injuries in a cycling accident. At one point she wondered if she would return to outdoor instructing, but through the prayers of many she has been back in action here for some while now.

On July 9th Joy got baptised in the sea in Tywyn. Her family came along and we enjoyed a great afternoon together. All our friends from Tywyn Baptist Church were there to listen to Joy’s testimony at the church service, and many came along to the beach afterwards. Congratulations to Joy and praise to God for bringing Joy through that difficult time.

Youth Work

It’s all happening youth-wise this month as the much-anticipated camps at MCYC and Soul Survivor are now underway.

We’ve had a record number of youngsters signing up to come along. Please pray, as this is such a significant time for the youth and their leaders. We look forward to hearing of their exploits in next month’s news.

Care for the Family

Next up in July was the start of our summer bookings with the single-parent groups from Care for the Family. We’ve been privileged to be a host for Take a Break weeks for over fifteen years now and always regard these weeks as one of our most treasured times of the year.

Many of these families who book in through Care for the Family are really in need of a good break from the pressures, stresses and strains of everyday life. It’s great to see these folks unwind and start to take in, with some much needed rest and relaxation, even in the midst of a day of activities.

We’re privileged to be given the chance to share our Christian faith through ‘thoughts for the day’ and through evening epilogues and we value the opportunity to build on serving our guests through the day with messages that reach out with the good news of Jesus. Please pray for us in these weeks that we will be led to deliver exactly what is right for each and every family here with us during this time.

Care for the Family send along members of their team to help facilitate the weeks.  On Take a Break Week 1 this year, we’ve been blessed to have Helen, Julie and Julie’s husband Clive or ‘Bongo Clive’ as he is more widely known. Bongo is a great guy with an amazing life-story to tell and (you probably guessed it), he plays the bongos. We were treated to an amazing evening which he calls ‘The Rhythm Shack’. It’s been great to meet him and we look forward to him being back here in October.

Ysgol Friog

For many years Min y Don has had a close association with our local primary school Ysgol Friog. We’ve been able to provide PE lessons, after-school clubs and assemblies. Sadly, due to School re-organisation in Gwynedd, Ysgol Friog is no more.

A new Area School has been formed and whilst Friog will still provide one of the sites for the new school, a new era has begun. This will inevitably mean changes for us as our input may not be as widespread as it was before. We want to take this opportunity to thank all those who welcomed us in and gave us opportunities to engage with more local children in the area. We will always have very fond memories of our time spent there.

And finally…in other news:
  • Pete (that’s me) & Eton have opened a new ‘health & safety’ business. Our first assignment was worthy of a ‘Chuckle Brothers’ episode. Details are, of course, confidential, but all I can say is that there’s a three-legged mouse on the loose out there in the MYD grounds.
  • Min y Don’s own Fantasy Football League has begun. Past & present team members are welcome to join. In fact we need you as up to now, there’s only three of us taking part!
  • Summer-Team Member Zoe received instructions from ‘Monsieur Balloon’ as she prepared for Ultimate Adventure.
  • Gwynedd Schools’ re-organisation has brought about many things; one of which was that Jack the goldfish from Friog School was made homeless. We are pleased to tell you that he has been adopted and now lives in the MYD Safari Room. Just thought you’d like a happy ending.
So that’s it for another month. Thank you to everyone who supports & encourages us.
From Pete & Susie
and all the team here at Min y Don