August News from Min y Don
Hi again!
A packet of old cheese in the cleaning cupboard, vast quantities of leaves and rain, faces to paint and a rat that had to be batted - and, I nearly forgot; some groups to look after as well. Welcome to your edition of November News!

November Groups

Despite the weather we’ve been having this month, many schools really enjoy coming to Min y Don this time of the year and November is a popular month for us! With one school from Leicester, two from Chester, one from Birmingham and another from Ellesmere Port all paying us a visit.

We also enjoyed a spending a weekend with a large group of young people and their leaders from a combined gathering of youth groups from Chester, and we even managed to find the time to hold a day for our local Youth Alpha group too! I’m sure things used to slow down in November, but for now now it’s still all-go and only next month do things begin to tail off for the winter.

Staff Team

It’s been great to add to our numbers and we welcome Jacob Whaling to the Team. Jacob’s joined us for at least two years as a Trainee and hails from Somerset where his parents also manage a Christian Residential Centre; Hill House. It’s really great to have Jacob with us and, until next year, when Joy gets married & moves away; we can at last say that for now, we have a full squad.

Opportunities to get back into training for our newer staff are more plentiful at this time of the year and as I write, Caleb is away on his Level 1 course with Joe & Harry having returned recently from passing their SPAs. Joy & Eton are also off on Level 1 very soon as well.

Min y Don Ambassadors

From time to time we remind all our readers (that’s you by the way) that we have a group who help us in our advertising by agreeing to receive packs of advertising fliers and leaflets to then distribute amongst friends, family and in places where they think others may be interested in coming along to something that Min y Don has to offer. Many of them also take the opportunity, where possible, to spread the word verbally by giving us a little ‘plug’ in their churches or in groups to which they belong.

If you think that you would like to help us by being a ‘Min y Don Ambassador’ then we’d be delighted to hear from you. Just give us a call or email and we’ll get you signed up on our Team.


November is always fun especially with all the antics associated with ‘Children in Need’ Night. As usual we team up with Tywyn Baptist Church to help run an evening of fundraising & this year we brought a new slant to it as we went all ‘school fete’ style.

All the classics were there: Bat the Rat, Guess the number of sweets in the jar, Guess the weight of the cake, and face painting plus many more, but we added lots of new features such as the Candy Prize Wheel, golf, tin-can alley and something called Pucket – a game at which our very own Jake has never been beaten! Get in training now ready for next year, as it’s about time he had his comeuppance. All that aside, we were delighted that over £600 was raised for such a worthy cause.

Local youth also enjoyed a campfire & games evening up at Min y Don and the group that has been coming along to Youth Alpha for the past few weeks had a Saturday away-day with us too.

We consider it such a privilege to have these opportunities for local community youthwork. Great credit must go to all the team who help to bring such a variety, creativity and a Godly attitude to the work.

2018 Bookings

It’s always good to send a reminder that places are booking up quickly for our 2018 family holidays. It won’t be long before we are sending out the big ‘reveal’ as to what our theme will be for Ultimate Adventure - and don’t forget it’s cheaper if you book before the end of December.

Easter, May half-term and some of the summer weeks have spaces left but the demand seems high and we wouldn’t want anyone to be disappointed if they found a week they wanted to be already full. It’s worth noting too, that our Autumn Adventure Week is being held a week later that was advertised in some early editions of our holiday leaflets. Check out our website for all the latest up to date details.

Prayer Points

Please pray for a successful completion of the work which is due to begin next month on the new climbing & abseiling tower, and on the new crate climbing location. The planning for the upstairs bathroom project has been hit by some difficulties recently, so prayers would be mightily appreciated as this work is long overdue. We’re thankful that we can install more new carpets and complete some work on bathroom floors that we’ve been saving for, and so we value your prayers that all can go ahead as it should.

Our staffing needs are always something we appreciate your prayers for. Recruitment for next year is something we work on at least a year ahead. Please pray for good applications, and ideally ones from applicants with some qualifications and experience, who can work to quickly become trainers of our Trainees; something we are a little short of at the moment.

And finally…in other news:
  • Jake remains unbeaten at Pucket (roll on Children in Need 2018)
  • Joe, thinking he’d found an ice-pack that needing storing away put a packet of cheese away at the back of the cleaning cupboard. The unwholesome smell alerted us to something that we thought had died, which then turned out to be a present Tony had been given for his birthday (a month and a half before). By the way Joe – ice packs live in the freezer.
  • Eton’s Pest Control Business was ideally suited to supervising ‘Bat the Rat’ at Children in Need Night.
  • New recruit Jacob also supports Everton. At least Eton now has someone to cry with as the weeks of misery go by.
  • Pete’s tiger face paint left him looking slightly jaundiced for a couple of days.
So that’s it for another month.
Thank you again to everyone who supports us. We look forward to being back next month with some Christmassy news from your favourite Adventure Centre.
From Pete & Susie
and all the team here at Min y Don