August News from Min y Don
Hi there!
"The weather is here, wish you were lovely..."
Just giving you an idea for an opening line as you write your Min y Don postcard to all those back home who wish they were enjoying as much fun as you are/will be.

So, get your factor 50 on, find some shade & pour yourself an iced tea; then settle down for another read of scorching Min y Don News.


May is a busy month (like every other month I guess) and it’s been good to see some decent weather making life all the more enjoyable. Fewer waterproofs to wash makes life much easier for the Staff Team too.

We’ve had a steady run of School & Youth Groups plus a visit from our friends at the local sixth form college, who are now regular Min y Don attendees.

The last week of May is Half-Term Family Adventure Week. We are fully booked and raring to go for what I’m sure will be a great time, especially if the weather stays as good as it is now.

Staff Team

Training opportunities have still been plentiful and our Staff Team members have coped well with having to force themselves out into the mountains and onto rivers in this glorious sunshine. They need our prayers as they endure such great hardships!

Briony & Jake have spent a week at Plas y Brenin on their Level 1 Paddlesports Qualification, and many others have worked their way to assessments in the various disciplines. It’s great to see a team with such motivation and teachability tackle their training so enthusiastically.

Youth Work

We continue to press on with our fundraising efforts as we work towards taking as many youth as possible to the various summer camps that are taking place this year. Our next venture is a General Election themed breakfast provided at Tywyn Baptist Church for all the church family and anyone else who’d like to come along and donate. A sneak preview of the menu would include such delights as:
  • A Philip Hamm-ond egg roll: £2.50
  • The Diane Abbott Breakfast Blunder: £300,000, sorry £8 million, sorry £4.50
  • UKIP’s European Breakfast: Greek yoghurt & Swiss muesli: £2.00
…and there are many more!

The fundraising is going well and we appreciate so much all the support we’ve been given. It will help enable more young people to get away to camps where they will have a brilliant time & hear more about their saviour Jesus Christ. Your prayers are very much valued and appreciated.

The Min y Don Emporium
(aka The Tuck Shop)

Many visitors to Min y Don over the years have become very attached to our beloved Tuck Shop and we are pleased to tell you that the online version is in now in production. We’ve just introduced a new range of hoodies, T-shirts, mugs & coasters all with our activity logos on, so keep your eyes open for new Min y Don merchandise to add to your collection.

Reaching New Heights

An update on the new climbing activities is that we now have a final cost & a probable start date (this autumn). This is progress indeed and although the total amount for both the climbing/abseiling tower and the new site for crate climbing are higher than we had hoped it would be, we feel its right to move forward in faith that the funds will come in and all costs will be covered. Watch this space or visit our website for more news of how Reaching New Heights progresses.

In other news

  • The heat wave hitting West Wales produced an unusual phenomenon when Ian, our maintenance manager, donned shorts for work instead of his usual work trousers. Full or partial refunds may be offered to any guests who found this in any way disturbing.
  • Joy found a new way of introducing herself to the guests this week as; to their surprise she emerged from a cardboard box after having been ‘kidnapped’ by Eton and Andrew (Note to Staff: please remember to poke holes for breathing in the box before adding a Staff Member to it)!
  • Former Staff member Chris Ray (1) got married on May 6th. A massive congratulations to him and Beth and thank you for a great time at the wedding. The fire-breathing, baton-twirling acrobatic display group proved to be a highlight of the evening’s entertainment.
  • One of our now famous Min y Don Activity logo mugs has made its way into the Houses of Parliament. One of our regular guests’ daughter gave her boss (an MP) a present of one of our Min y Don mugs. We can only hope that he can return after June 8th to find that the desk & the mug are still his to use.
So that’s it for another month. Thank you to everyone who supports & encourages us. We look forward to reporting back next time on: a half-term family adventure week, more schools, another wedding and a Min y Don Open Day – all due to take place during June.
From Pete & Susie
and all the team here at Min y Don